What’s New at Halftime and Leadership Network

Many of you know that The Halftime Institute and Leadership Network have found new physical offices in Dallas.  Find out more about The Halftime Institute’s first new home in more than a decade.

Halftime: Our New Offices Are Designed With You in Mind

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Merry Christmas from The Bufords

Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah! Linda & Bob Buford Christmas 2015

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40/40 Vision by Peter Greer

Peter Greer is one of todays most capable young leaders. He has an outstanding background and now serves as the president and CEO of Hope International–an organization that works to pull people out of poverty with Christ-center financial practices including micro-loans, savings clubs, etc.  I had the opportunity to contribute a forward to Peter’s new [...]

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An Important Conversation for November 11

Today marks the 10th anniversary of the passing of my friend and mentor, Peter Drucker.  I have written so much over the years to honor his life that I would only be repeating myself.  On this milestone anniversary year I wanted to celebrate by allowing you to simply hear Peter’s own voice talking about the topic of [...]

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Two Timely Conversations

I have worked hard to be apolitical for years and intend to stay that way.  Who knows how the 2016 presidential election will turn out-we are down to 16 candidates (per www.gop.com) on one side and two on the other.  I had a 2005 interaction with one of the candidates and met another just last [...]

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